Easy Integration, Automised Google Shopping Campaigns

Advertisers sacrifice time on necessary execution of manual tasks, leaving only a fraction of the workday for more valuable projects like strategy, planning and analysis.

Salesoar is the solution to your problem.

The most sophisticated tool on the market, Salesoar is the missing link between your ecommerce and Google Search and Shopping campaigns. Through our innovative rule based language, the Salesoar platform generates the most compelling and effective Google Shopping Campaign directly from your product feed, every single day.

How does it work?

Complex solutions, made easy. After years of experience, research, and testing we have developed and simplified the tool you need to get the most out of your Shopping budget, creating thousands of product groups in minutes.

  1. Sync to your Google Merchant Center and AdWords Account.
  2. Enter a few specifications for your ad templates (budget, bidding strategy, campaign details, etc.) that Salesoar will apply accurately and flexibly across your entire imported product inventory, and update in real time with your feed.
  3. Sit back and let Salesoar do the heavy lifting.

What Makes Salesoar Awesome

  • Daily sync to your catalogue, our platform automatically updates your Shopping campaign with the data (price, availability, etc.) pulled from your catalogue.
  • Dynamically split your product feed based on performance, brand, category and more with our customizable rule based system.
  • Automatically segment your entire feed from broad down to a narrow tiered relational tree, in minutes. A task that is simply not feasibly possible to do manually.
  • Activate the potential of your Ad Campaigns to reach millions of new customers – an impossible task to accomplish manually.
  • Prevent the waste of budget on low performing products, and easily identify top sellers that deserve more attention.
  • Simple user interface created with AdWords beginners in mind, plus full new client support.

Is it safe?

Recognized as a validated Premier Google Partner, and backed by the power of Nana Bianca, we take our service seriously and operate in complete transparency to ensure we never serve inaccurate ads on your behalf.
Our technology is unparalleled as the leading platform to alleviate struggles, complications and loss of valuable time that arise in the relationship between advertisers and Google AdWords.
Access straight forward reporting tools and maintain complete control over all AdWords features directly from the Salesoar dashboard, plus instant alerts to any concerns our safety thresholds pick up on, and so much more.

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