Every successful business has a sales team and with the best tools to do their job. Most online stores miss out on sales representatives / affiliate / ambassadors, who can market and sell the products and services. With the Sales Rep by Chief Software Solutions app, we solve this problem!

Once you install and setup the app your sales reps will get a back-office to do the following:

1. Send Invoices to Clients

  • Your sales reps can send invoices to clients and get a commission when the invoices are paid.
  • You can also set different discount levels for the invoices
  • You can configure the commission that your sales rep get.

2. Place Wholesale orders

  • Store owners can set custom wholesale prices per product type. So your sales reps can purchase products at wholesale prices and then sell them forward at retail price, hence making a profit. Orders will be sent as invoice to sales rep email.
  • Advanced plan feature: Give quantity based discounts.

3. Affiliate links

  • Each sales rep gets their own affiliate link which they can share and market on their social media.
  • You can set the affiliate commission from shopify admin.
  • Advanced plan feature: Each rep can choose their unique link and enter a welcome message.

4. Discount coupon code

  • Each sales rep gets their own unique discount coupon code, which they can share on social media and email.
  • You can give commission whenever a sales is made using the sales rep’s coupon.

5. Create Team Managers

  • This is advanced plan feature.
  • Assign reps to rep managers, so that your army of reps can be easily managed by few managers.

6. Tag customers to reps

  • This is advanced plan feature.
  • Give commission to reps if the tagged customer makes a purchase.

Your sales representatives will simply need to login to your online store to access their back-office from their accounts page.

  • NOTE: we track the commission payouts, but we do NOT manage the commission payouts.


We also offer customization services to customize the app according to your store’s business model. Few customization done by us:

  • Customize the sign up page to send invoices for Sales rep kits, additional form fields etc.

  • Customization of the sales rep templates to match the store design

  • Spanish translation of the sales rep templates

  • Additional business logic for commission tiers


  • This app is currently available in English only. Please contact support for other languages.

  • If for any unfortunate reason, you decide to delete the app, Please uninstall from the app page, before deleting the app. This is needed so that we can remove the sales rep liquid snippets from your themes.

  • Affiliate order do not work with password protected online stores. We recommend installing the app only after your online store is public