This is ROI Hunter Easy, the ultimate retargeting app for both Facebook and Google

Imagine, a visitor is looking at a product on your online store, but he gets distracted and leaves without buying anything. Not cool for you.
Or even worse, when he abandons the cart and never comes back to finish the purchase.
We understand that retargeting can be really complicated.

That’s why ROI Hunter Easy takes pride in simplicity
* Set up the retargeting ads on your own. It has never been easier.
* Remind your visitors what they forgot to buy literally everywhere
* Reach majority of online space with retargeting thanks to the powerful networks of Google and Facebook

Worry about nothing
* The unique artificial intelligence takes care of everything while you sit comfortably and in a few clicks you can watch your sales grow.

Free tech support
* Having troubles with understanding what’s what? Our top-notch support is always happy to lead you in the right direction with any request you might have.

Transparency is super important for us
* You pay your ad spend directly to Google and Facebook. There are no hidden fees.

ROI Hunter works with the best. We can therefore assure you will be in good hands. It’s not that we like to collect badges but we have a few:
1. Facebook Marketing Partners
2. Instagram Partner
3. Google Premier Partner
4. DoubleClick Partner
5. Google Analytics Partners

We are trusted by merchants from across the globe to whom we helped turning visitors into customers.

Don’t bother yourself with the complicated stuff and focus only on growing your business. With ROI Hunter Easy you don’t have to worry about creating product feeds, implementing remarketing tags, conversion trackers. We solved it for you.

No idea what bidding to use? We have that covered as well.
Just set your daily budget and look on the simple dashboard where you can track your success. Looking for more advanced metrics? These can be found in the dashboard too.

ROI Hunter Easy believes in no limitations and the app is available worldwide to all merchants.

Save your money and time. Become your own ad expert. Grow your sales.