Why Roboltz ?

  1. You need automated sales, a facebook messenger bot can help you a lot.

  2. This facebook messenger bot is Roboltz.

  3. Roboltz has been developed under marketing techniques to have more sales.

Roboltz Features :

1.A real customer is someone interested in your products.

2.Roboltz, our facebook messenger bot, will integrate real customer accounts with its Facebook accounts.

3.Roboltz, our facebook messenger bot, will create and deliver automatic coupons per real customer with an expiration time of 60,30 and 15 minutes through facebook messenger.

4.When the coupon is active, Roboltz shows a countdown timer + coupon code on the shopping cart and product page to boost your sales.

5.Roboltz, our facebook messenger bot, delivers abandoned shopping carts + coupons in Facebook messenger within 24 hours.

6.If the customer forgot to use the coupon, Roboltz will send a message to your customers to select Time+Hour to get the coupon again.

7.The customer doesn’t need to copy/paste the coupon, Roboltz delivers a saved link with the coupon included.

8.Real reports based on real customers with verified facebook accounts.

Where will Roboltz appear ?

Roboltz will appear on your :

  1. Product pages
  2. Shopping cart page
  3. Facebook Messenger

We offer

  1. Free installation
  2. Automated Sales from the 1st day
  3. Fast customer service

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