ReviewCaddy helps sellers to collect reviews of the customer in a rich and interactive way on their purchased product. It’s a powerful tool enriched with features that help sellers to listen to their customer’s voice and make updates on the product pages. This helps increase the number of loyal and returning customers resulting in the consistent increase in revenue. The ability for the buyers to post reviews, rate products and share them on social media enhances the chances for the potential customers to quickly make a buying decision and develop a trust and bonding with the website.
* Reviewer Badges (Verified buyer, Verified user, Anonymous user): ReviewCaddy

Salient Features of ReviewCaddy

  • Reviewer Badges (Verified buyer, Verified user, Anonymous user): ReviewCaddy displays reviewer badges with each review, indicating whether the review is provided by a verified buyer, verified user or anonymous user. The application also provides the ability to block non-verified users to write reviews.
  • Review Import/Export: The application provides the ability to Import reviews from different e-commerce sites and other sources. The application also allows you to export reviews.
  • Unlimited Reviews: Unlike other review apps, in ReviewCaddy you have no limit on the number of reviews and page views.
  • Review Reminder Email: The application gives you the ability to schedule the email for the buyers to remind them to write a review on the product that they have purchased on the site.
  • Layout Manager: Layout Manager provides you the flexibility to optimize Review form, Review display and email templates.
  • Social Sharing: ReviewCaddy allows reviewers to share their opinion about products on their social pages. This helps in spreading the reviews to a much larger audience, thereby driving more traffic to your site.

ReviewCaddy Advantages

  • Increase On-Site Conversions:
    Authentic and positive product reviews on your site can help in driving more traffic to your site, and eventually, increase sales.
  • Build Trust with Visitors:
    The more verified reviews on your site more are the level of trust of your site visitors; they read reviews and spend more time on your site.
  • Customer Engagement after the sale:
    Asking a buyer to write a review after they have purchased from your site is helpful to re-engage your loyal customers. You can also send them emails with a review form to make it convenient for them to write product reviews and ratings.
  • Better SEO:
    Regular updates on the site with new and unique reviews help in enhancing SEO of your site. This increases the visibility of your products. Social sharing of reviews also helps in driving more traffic to your site.