Just googled your store reviews and found that you have poor or no rating on major review sites?

We are here to help!
90% of people’s buying decisions are influenced by online reviews — which only underscores the importance of publishing the opinions of your customers.

Reputon will help you dramatically improve your store ratings by working with your happy customers.

You start receiving first reviews the day Reputon app is installed.

Your Yelp / Google / Trustpilot / any other review site positive ratings will explode!

Increase revenue as your online reviews grow

How it works:

  1. We will send a followup email to each customer when they receive your product.

  2. If the customer is happy, the app will redirect them to a review site of your choice — such as Trust Pilot, Yelp, Site Jabber, or Reviews.io. The review link will be set in random order so you can configure which rating sources to improve first.

  3. Unhappy customers will be directed to contact you directly about their issue so you can solve it promptly and avoid awful store reviews all over the internet!


  • Fully custom automatic emails
  • Add your logo to the automatic survey email
  • Set the trigger for the automated email to collect feedback based on your shipping time
  • Add unlimited review sites to which your happy customers will be sent
  • Track your follow up emails efficiency and conversions with our built-in statistics

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