September Update: Now includes optional Order Confirmation Page banner referral!

Referral Bee helps you find more customers through word-of-mouth.

Set up a highly effective, beautiful refer-a-friend program in minutes. Here’s how it works:

Automatically ask each customer to share a discount code with their friends

Referral Bee creates a dedicated landing page in your store and sends each new customer an email asking them to share the page on with their friends.

Friends get a discount code of your choice to use for their first purchase

Choose from a percentage or fixed amount discount, or offer free shipping. Referral Bee creates all the discount codes automatically for you.

Reward customers when their friends place an order with you

Choose to offer a discount code to thank customers for the referral—or not. Referral Bee will automatically send the reward email after the customer’s first friend places an order using the referral link.

Word of mouth is the most powerful and cost-effective way of reaching new customers. Referral Bee makes it easy.

Is this a full reward system?

No! And intentionally so. The decision to implement a full reward system should not be made lightly. Once you turn on a reward system it is very difficult to remove or change without annoying your customer base. A reward system also has to be integrated into all of your marketing and can have significant tax consequences due to points accrual. With Referral Bee, just turn it on and let it go. You can always turn it off if it isn’t working for you (and still honor the outstanding activity).

Who the heck are you guys? Can we trust you?

Referral Bee is the second app brought to the Shopify ecosystem by Sunset+Lincoln. We are based in the UK with offices in the US. We believe in creating simple-to-use apps that solve real problems. You will also find that providing EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT is part of our DNA.

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