How does Refericon work?

After installing the app the icon engaging customers to recommend your shop appears. The icon can take any graphic form and it can be placed in one of the four corners so as to it does not interfere with e.g. chat.

What happens when a customer clicks the icon?

A customer will see a picture of a given product, on a subpage of which he or she is, and a description previously prepared by your stuff in the application. The content of the window aims to engage a customer to recommend your shop to their friends. In return, a customer will get a discount or a different prize, e.g. free delivery.

A customer can refer a shop in different ways

  • using their friend’s email address
  • share the information on their wall or in Facebook group
  • send private message on Facebook
  • copy referral link for their friends
    The application allocates prizes automatically on the basis of previously set settings in the panel of the application. You can decide if a customer can use all of the options of recommendation or only selected ones.

Subscribing to the newsletter

After recommendingo your shop, a client can subscribe to the newsletter. Question about consent will appear in the window of the application. Subscribing is not obligatory.

Gaining email addresses works in accordance with GDPR. In the panel of the application administrator you get the access to gained addresses. You can download them in txt format or do it automatically using the integration.

The message with the recommendation

A receiver of the message will get an email with the content prepared by you in the panel of the application. You can enter any topic and body, and use HTML elements. In the message, a customer can find a discount code or a link redirecting them to your shop. After being redirected, the code will be displayed above the content of the website.


The number of the gained clients depends on many different circumstances, such as industry, promotion policy or size of a shop.


  • Can I test applications for free?

Yes, the first 14 days are 100% free!

  • What is the later cost of the application?

It depends on the number of referrals sent.
from 0 to 100 – 9 $

From 101 to 300 – 25 $

From 301 to 1000 – $ 89

  • Is the application compatible with the GDPR?


  • Can I upload my own icon?

Yes, the recommended graphic file is 128 by 128 pixels.

  • How can I check the results of the campaign?

You can find the information about how many times the icon has been displayed, the number of clicks and the number of the sent referral e-mails in statistics Panel. You can monitor the conversion tanks to the used coupons.

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