1. Free to install
  2. Lowest commissions based on the revenue brought by the app
  3. No commission until $1,000 in revenue by the app
  4. Reward both Partners and their Friends (referrals)
  5. Set up a fixed reward or percentage
  6. Payouts via PayPal or Stripe

What is Refer a Friend?

The application allows you to create a refer-a-friend program and reward your customers for spreading the word about your store and products. With Refer a Friend app both the Partner and the referred Friend get a reward that’s defined by you.

How does it work?

Each registered customer (Partner) will get an individual referral link which can be shared. When someone comes by this link (Friend) to your store and makes a purchase, both the Partner and the Friend will get a reward that you have defined. The Friend can also become a Partner at any time and advise your store to the friends and family. If they buy, the same story happens – both the Partner and the Friend gets a reward.

  • Please note, that the application will add a page with the Refer a Friend Program term to your store Pages section. You will be able to edit or delete it. You will also be able to create your own Program Terms page and link it to the app so that it displays the link to your page.

Why you need Refer a Friend

  • Motivate visitors to spread the word.

Stand out! Offer real money reward to your Partners and buyers. Share your profit with those who bring you customers – that’s fair. They will pay back with loyalty if you don’t lock them on your store with discounts and points. They will return to promote your store and earn over and over again.

  • Convince Friends to buy

Give referrals a good reason to buy – money! Call that a cash back if you wish.

  • Grow your Partner network

Turn Friends into Partners and grow your network rapidly and effortlessly. Everyone earns with Refer a Friend app. The one who sells, the one who promotes and even the one who buys!

  • No monthly fee

To launch a Refer a Friend program you don’t need to pay anything. We don’t apply commission until the app earns you $1,000 in 30 days. We reset the counter every 30 days. The commission will apply to the revenue generated by the app (referral links) only.

  • Low Commissions

Our commissions start at 1%. The more you earn the lower the commissions are.

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