What is the problem:

Currently on your store if your customers want to edit an option of one of the products they added to their cart they need to:
1. Delete the product from cart
2. Find again the product they wanted
3. Go to that product
4. Select the options they want
5. Add to cart
6. Go to cart and checkout

This way of “editing” a product is really time consuming and can turn off some of your customers with the risk of abandoning their cart.

The solution:

Let your customers edit any product options quickly and pain free. Our app will add a simple EDIT button beside each product in your cart.

Try it yourself on our demo store!

!!! Note: This feature works only on the cart page. DOES NOT WORK on a drawer or modal cart.

You will need to add one simple line of code to your cart file (instruction provided in the app). If you are not able or don’t feel comfortable doing it, we will do it for you.


You can always contact us if you have an issue or you want us to install the code for you. We have tutorials, FAQ and general knowledge base on our support page. You can submit a ticket directly in the app or send us an email.


Only 50$ FIX charge (NOT MONTHLY).

Thank you very much for trying our app. We hope you will like it like other store owners do and that it will help you generate more sales.