ProSEOTracker allows you to Optimize metadata, Check SEO Issues, Research Keywords, Monitor Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdWords data all in one place with easy and understandable reports. With ProSEOTracker you can learn more about your Insights. Improve your Website SEO & Get Visibility online.

What you can do with our app:-

  1. Visit SEO section to optimize the Store with On-page SEO of your website by updating the metadata. So, you can optimize metadata and check for SEO Issues by specifying the target keyword and finally fixing those issues to help you in improving the SEO of your website.

  2. Visit Keyword Planner section to research keywords for your website. It includes the result from Google search query, console, and AdWords.

  3. Visit Rank Tracking section to see exactly how your website is currently performing in Google search results. (It requires Google console account to be interlinked.)

  4. Visit Analytics section to monitor website traffic, traffic sources that give you insights about how users find and use your website. It also allows you to monitor e-commerce traffic, revenue, most sold items that give you insights into which products are being viewed more on your website. (It requires Google analytics account to be interlinked.)

  5. Visit Ads section to monitor all PPC campaigns, ad revenue and get insights into which campaign, keyword and search query is driving more sales to your website.

  6. Sitemap Submission – You can submit the sitemap of your website to top search engines to increase online traffic.

  7. Easy integration of Google Webmaster to check keyword rankings to get ideas on how to improve your traffic and Google ranking.

  8. SEO Scan Issues – Get FREE SEO report on parameters and a step-by-step guide for correcting any error to grow SEO score.

  9. Last but not the least; If you don’t have time to look into your analytics data, we have compiled the most important data into the SEO metrics section. We have also included Off-page SEO strategies which are used by the industry leading experts to increase the visibility of the website.

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