Unlimited Dynamic Customer Segments For More Focused Targeted Promotion Opportunities For Better ROI

  • Using Prognose, You Can Create As Many Different Customer Segments That Update Automatically To Help You Achieve Better ROI From Each Targeted Campaign

Personalized Marketing For Customers

  • Create dynamic customer segments to run marketing campaigns to achieve business objectives
  • Marketing campaign promotions personalized through predictive analytics technology & recommendation engine
  • Gather intelligent insights from customer shopping behavior, marketing campaign promotions & customer engagement
  • Run scheduled & triggered marketing promotions across multiple digital channels
  • Measure marketing campaigns results for every customer segment
  • Identify the potential customers from visitors

Contextual Targeting

  • Create target customer segments based on profile attributes, purchase behavior, Seasonality, frugality, RFM Behaviour (Recency, Frequency & Monetary) User friendly interface to manage multiple customer segments
  • Create customer segments based on context of customer interaction & cart value for effective up-sell & cross sell

Slice & Dice Customer Data To Identify Various Customer Segments

  • Create Segments based on Buying Pattern, Onsite Behavior, Seasonality, Discount Sensitivity, Shopping Preferences, Purchase Frequency, Purchase Recency, Browsing Behavior, Average Order Value, etc
  • Onsite behavioral activity offers umpteen segmentation opportunities to engage with specific customer segments

Omni-Channel Targeting

  • Create & run seamless personalized marketing promotions on Email, Mobile App & Onsite
  • Get the power of OmniChannel Personalization dashboard
  • Create consistent marketing promotion & communication across all digital channel
  • Get insights from Dashboard to understand the effectiveness of marketing communications
  • One click reporting to slice & dice consumer reports to get actionable insights

Customer Insights

  • Learn about your customers based on their engagement levels
  • Identify who are your recent customers from the most loyal customers
  • Segregate customers based on their propensity & affinity to your brand
  • Find the churned out customer
  • Distinguish between just a visitor Versus a Customer

Export Segments To Your Mail-Chimp Or Other Email Service Provider

  • Engage with multiple customer segment through efective marketing promotion campaigns

Run Most Effective Marketing Promotion Campaigns

  • Combine Customer segments with product clusters to run promotions smoothly with varying or no discounting