Having trouble posting Products Carousel on Facebook page ?

Then this is the app for you, Install & Get 7 Days Free trial.


The carousel format allows you to showcase up to ten images within a single story post, each with its own link.

With more creative space within a story post, you can highlight different products

Showcase specific details about one product

The advert format can be used by any business to accomplish a variety of advertising objectives

Facebook carousel performs better because…

  • They’re bigger

You have more space to tell your story or showcase your products.
* They’re interactive

To see your whole story, people can swipe or click through the carousel.
* They’re flexible

You have up to ten cards that you can fill with photos or videos to tell your story creatively.

Show multiple products

Give customers more options and encourage them to purchase by showing a different product on each carousel card, with links to different landing pages.