Our Mission

We promote your Shopify store by allowing you to feature your products and discounts as prizes for our highly engaged audience. Prizemojo makes this possible through a giveaway game that our participants play on prizemojo.com. The plugin, as well as our service to you, is completely free of charge.

Like many TV game shows of old, our audience may come for the thrill of winning “no strings attached” giveaways, but the real stars of the show will be your store and its products.

The Prizemojo plugin automates the creation of product links, shop backlinks, and product giveaways through our guided sponsorship process. This plugin allows you to automatically convert any product in your catalog to a prize, a giveaway, and a profile for your store—saving you most of the time involved in creating and launching your giveaway.

Some of the ways Prizemojo can help you

  • You need fresh eyes on a product because it’s new or needs to expand its fan base.
  • You want to run a giveaway that causes participants to seriously consider your product (not just enter to win because it’s free).
  • You want each giveaway you run to build on the last, creating goodwill with potential customers.
  • You have a lot of a product ready to ship but you don’t want to spend any money to promote it.
  • You want to know your product’s popularity with our audience relative to other prizes (product testing).
  • You want to advertise your site without paying for traditional CPM or CPC fees.

Get started now

Simply install the app and launch a giveaway from one of your products. Your products can be listed in minutes!


Feel free to contact us, whether you have installed the app or not.