What is Prize Play?

Introducing a new gamification app designed to be different from the rest. Your visitors will be intrigued with the prizes they can win, don’t forget you can offer them a free product, awesome discount code or free shipping. Who can resist trying to see what they will win?

Why pay more and get less?

Seriously, our mission is to add value and generate more revenue for you while being honest with our pricing. We did our research and made sure we provide you with a quality, full featured app that won’t break the bank and back it with an award winning customer service team!

To put it simply: Our Standard Plan offers more features at an affordable price, everyone is a winner.

Unique to Prize Play features

  1. Present Box Game Play – Boxes Will Shuffle & Customer Selects A Box Of Their Choice
  2. Pay to Play – Generate Revenue With Each Game Play i.e. Raffle A Pair Of Yeezys
  3. Search Feature – Search All Your Products When Selecting Your Free Prize
  4. Show Confetti Dropping – Instantly Capture User’s Attention
  5. View What Prize Each Visitor Won – Know More Information About Each Visitor
  6. View The Status Of Your Visitor – Know If They Purchased, If They Left Site Or Abandon Cart
  7. View Last Played – Know How Many Days Ago Visitor Played
  8. No PRIZE PLAY Branding What So Ever – We Do Not Believe In Advertising Our Company On Your Website!

Made with love and exclusively for your Shopify store

Your store, like all of us business owners, is our precious baby cared for since day one, with that said we made sure the Prize Play app seamlessly integrates into your Shopify store. Come and experience a “natively made” feeling with no slow or dragging loading speed.

Installs instantly

No coding required, simply click the “Get” button and you are all set. Just sit back and kick up your feet while you breeze through the set up.

Tailor made to look great

Out of the box we created a beautiful layout for your shop, but feel free to customize the look and feel of the Prize Play game. Lots of features can be adjusted to your preference, such as display text, color pallet, win ratio, prize winnings and much more.

First class support for all

Get the feeling of first class service with our great support team! Ask us anything, we won’t bite – we welcome all questions, ideas, complaints or even a pat on the back! Thanks in advance.

Always adding new features

We are currently working on new features and expanding our integration list! Don’t hesitate to let us know your current email provider as we are looking to make sure everyone is covered! We specialize in app creation and coding, let us know if we are missing something and we will get it done.