Increase your customer reorders and stickiness by creating your customer program aka. VIP program for you online store. Offer your customers Order status update, Reward points, Customer Feedback, Ratings, Personal discount coupons and more. Preferred Customer app is highly configurable and fits the needs for most online stores.

As an added bonus, we will even show you your customer segmentation in the admin dashboard for free!(see screenshots)

How does it work?

Once you install the app, we create a new page for your return customers.
Then all you need to do is add a link to this page to any page of your online store.
Its that easy!

What features can I include in my VIP customer program?

You can add the following features :
1. Reward Points : Give your customers points which can be redeemed as discount coupons on the click of a button.
2. Order Status Updates : Let your customers check the status of their orders.
3. Personal Discount Coupons : Give your customers discount coupons based on their purchase history.
4. Rating and feedback : Let your customers rate your store and give you feedback.

Can I modify the UI to match my store theme?

Yes, we can take care of this for you, at no extra cost. After installing the app, use the contact us widget in the admin dashboard of the app, to get in touch and let us know what you need!

If you need additional features like customer opinions, custom notifications etc, just get in touch with us using the contact us widget in the admin dashboard.


  1. This app is currently available in English only. If you need this app in another language please contact app support.

  2. If for any unfortunate reason, you decide to delete the app, Please uninstall from the app page, before deleting the app. This is so that we can remove the liquid snippets from your themes.