The Short-Cut To Optimized Prices & Record Breaking Sales

There’s nothing your customers LOVE more than a good sale. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Black Friday, or Christmas. By offering promotions, you’re tapping into a powerful psychological trigger. You’re pressing a button that’s PROVEN to turn visitors into customers.

But setting the right pricing, both on time and across many products can be a huge headache for store owners. Think about it, who wants to spend hours updating their entire inventory?

Especially, if you’re promotion is short and you have to revert everything back once it’s done.


The good news is, we’ve built a new app the lets you automate the whole process. You can update prices in bulk and run temporary sales. Saving you time and energy that you can use on more important tasks.

Change Prices & Set Up Promotions In Record Time…

Discount Based On Rules. Set rules depending on your stock levels, age, current price, or collection. Limit each rule to a time-frame, so that you can choose when & how long the promotion runs for. Once a rule is set, the product can also be tagged, making it simple to create discount or sale collections.

  • Clear Old Stock. Nothing sucks more than having stock you’re struggling to sell. We’ve made it easy to offer them at a discount so they’ll fly off the shelves.
  • Optimize Your Prices. It’s proven that by using numbers like $19.95, rather than $20, you can increase your sales. But setting these prices across your whole collection can be a lengthy task. Now you can round up and down in bulk.
  • Run Quick Simulations. Check how each change will effect your store before you publish.

And It Comes With Some Great Perks Too!

Try It FREE For 14-Days. Don’t pay a penny until you know it works.

  • Seamless 1-Click ‘Developer-Free’ Installation. Don’t waste time or money installing the app or hiring a developer.
  • Friendly, Responsive Customer Support. Get all your questions answered, right now.
  • No Ads or Branding. Keep your store professional and congruent with your brand.

Why Not Start Your 14-Day FREE Trial Today?

It takes just a few minutes to setup, and requires no development experience. That’s right, no coding required… and it’s FREE for the next 14-days.

Once it’s installed, it’s super easy to manage and update the app anytime. If you ever run into trouble, you’ll have access to our support to help you get the most out of this app.
But don’t take our word for it. You can see this app live and functioning on our demo store.

If you loved the app, why not checkout the rest of the Power Tools Suite? The Price Policy app works great with our other products too.

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