The most Intuitive way for customers to share their shopping carts that makes it easy for others to buy.

Every store needs Shareable Cart

  • More Sales for Every Shopping Cart: Shareable cart gives your customers a link that automatically loads your store and a copy of the current shopping cart. When your customers share that link, anyone who clicks on the link will start out with a shopping cart ready for purchase. You’ll sell more for every shopping cart your store has.

    • Increase Sales via Gift Requests: With shareable cart, your customers can easily request a gift by sending their shopping cart to friends and family
  • Increase Conversion for Multi-device shoppers: Almost all your customers shop on multiple devices, but every time they switch devices, they lose their shopping carts and don’t convert. With Shareable Cart, transferring shopping carts between devices is easy and doesn’t even require logging in or creating an account. You’ll have fewer abandoned carts and larger carts that get purchased with Shareable Cart.

  • Intuitive and Convenient Sharing: Customers will be able to view and share their shopping cart from any page on your site and from their shopping cart. Sharing is optimized for each social media platform, and your customers will get a one-time introduction to the Save and Share Cart feature, so they know how to use it.

  • New Customers and More Product Awareness: Since your customers are most likely to share about the products they really care about, we’ve made it really easy for them to share a link to any product in their shopping cart in just a single click. Your store and products will gain awareness, and your customers will be more likely to convert after sharing from their cart.

  • Customized to Fit Your Store: Our settings let you easily customize the location, look and feel of the shareable cart features, so Shareable Cart feels like it’s part of your store.

How does it work?

Shareable Cart gives your site a “Share and Save Cart” button. When your customers press that button they’ll get a view of their shopping cart where they can share their whole cart in a single link or any products in their shopping cart on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Tumbler and more

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