Are you running Facebook ads to drive traffic to your store? If so, you probably know that your store’s ability to return valuable information back to Facebook is essential for optimizing Ad Sets, reducing Ad spend and increasing profits.

You might not be sending ALL the information Facebook needs!

Pixel Power improves upon your store’s baseline pixel installation and sends all the store events necessary to improve your Facebook Pixel. Track the following:

• PageView

• ViewContent

• AddToCart

• InitiateCheckout

• Purchase

Pixel Power ensures your purchase events only get recorded once. So if your customer refreshes or revisits their Thank You Page, it will only track the event one time.

Pixel Power allows you to customize the value of checkouts you send to Facebook. Choose whether you want to send the Subtotal (cart value) or the Grand Total (shipping and taxes included). Having this flexibility is essential for stores that rely on Shipping Costs as part of their overall Revenue.

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