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Pixel Bay – How To Create Incredibly Targeted Custom Audiences & Even Run Dynamic Facebook Ads (Just Like Amazon Does)…

Get As Detailed As The SPECIFIC Products On Your Store…

Amplify The Results of Your Facebook Ads – Instantly!

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Why do I need this app?

Simple. Facebook is a gold-mine for your eCommerce store. But, everyone knows that CUSTOM AUDIENCES are where the true Gold is hidden. Now, within just minutes, you can create incredibly targeted audiences – all on the fly.

What does this mean to you?

  • Your Audience Gets Incredibly More Targeted…

  • Your Ad Costs Go Down…

  • Your Sales Go Through The Roof…

  • Facebook Is Happier with Your Account!

The bottom line is that your sales will go up all because you are finally accessing the PERFECT audience.

How does it work?

Pixel Bay is fully integrated with your Facebook Ads and its 100% approved on every feature. What this means is that your audiences are AUTOMATICALLY and dynamically being updated. Let’s say someone comes to your site and you sell a variety of products…

Well, what if they buy a product in a certain niche? You want to be able to build a custom audience of people in JUST that niche, no problem! Now, Pixel Bay will do that for you “on the fly.”

100% automated.

Audiences and conversions are generated through specific products in your store. This allows you to categorize your prospects AND customers based on which product(s) they have purchased.
Once you create the audiences, you can now do three things that are powerful:

  1. You can re-target them with ads for more products.

  2. If they didn’t buy, you can create dynamic Facebook ads (just like Amazon does when you visit their store).

  3. You can use these new audiences based on your specific product to build LOOKALIKE audiences that are truly powerful!

The power of this amazing software is limitless for your store.

What will Pixel Bay do for me?

  • Automatically Create Custom Audiences & Based on Each Product In Your Store with Just 1 Click…

  • Allow You to Create a Product Catalogue on Facebook Instantly

  • Reduce Your Facebook Ad Costs…

  • Give You The Ability To Break Your Facebook Ads Down By Niche & Type of Customer…

  • Drastically Increase Your Sales…

  • Improve Your Relevancy Scores with Facebook (Dropping Your Ad Costs)…

  • Put Your Facebook Advertising on Autopilot

  • Your Data is SAFE & Only Yours (We Don’t See It)!

Give Pixel Bay a Try Right Away – If You’re Using Facebook, It’s a No-Brainer!

Before installing Pixel Bay, please make sure:

  1. You have your Facebook Pixel

  2. Your Facebook Pixel is integrated with Shopify under Online Store > Preferences > Facebook Pixel ID

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