Beautiful & Automated Photo Collage Generator for Shopify & Pinterest

Pintrify integrates directly into your Shopify store and will use your existing product photos to create new beautiful collages specifically for Pinterest.

Pinterest has millions of users and it’s no secret tapping into those potential customers can be the source of major sales for any store owner. However, creating compelling, branded images specifically for Pinterest and configuring product pages to use those images takes more time than business owners have to spare.

Pintrify solves all those problems and more.

Pintrify integrates directly into your Shopify store & will transform your product photos into beautiful, unique & branded collages specifically for Pinterest. Pintrify will also optimize each product page using all of Pinterest’s best practice and optimizations.

The uniqueness of each image generated using our proprietary collage algorithm is imperative to making your images unique to Pinterest’s duplicate content identifier used to suggest similar pins. A must have feature for any drop shipper sourcing from AliExpress or the like.

With Pintrify on your team, you will be able to dominate Pinterest and capitalize on many new potential customers with little to no effort. Try it now, free!

Awesome Features

  • Automated Collage Generation :: Your Shopify product images are automatically transformed into the ideal sized photo collage for Pinterest
  • Powerful Branding :: Upload your logo and Pintrify adds it to every photo collage increasing brand recognition on each image shared on Pinterest
  • Set Pinterest Descriptions :: Set descriptions for your images that will perform well in Pinterest search. Include hash tags, title tag, and more.
  • Hidden Pinterest Specific Image :: The collage images generated specifically for Pinterest are added and hidden on each of your product pages.
  • Add a Save or Pin It Button on Product Image :: Save & Pin It buttons are a great way to remind your customers to save your images to Pinterest. Each button is configured to share the collage image generated.
  • Forced Pinning of Collage Image :: No matter the image shared on your product page, we force Pinterest to select the Pinterest specific collage image.
  • Lightweight and Lightning Fast :: Pintrify is built with speed in mind. Optimize your images and improve Pinterest sharing all without sacrificing page load speed.