Are your Pinterest ad dollars really bringing in sales?

While you’re spending your limited marketing budget…

  • Do you know which ads are bringing in the dough?
  • Can you retarget visitors who create hundred dollar carts but don’t convert?

Now you can with our detailed Pinterest conversion tags that make event tracking ridiculously simple.

We make complicated Pinterest conversion tags simple.

Event tracking, base code, sub keys and parameters – oh my! Who has the time to deal with the complex jungle of Pinterest tags? We’ll take care of key events with full details tracked for each one.

Know EXACTLY which ads are actually profitable

We’ll send these events with complete details to Pinterest:

  • Add To Cart: See which ads get customers to add items to their cart. We’ll also send product data and cart values for your audience building.
  • Checkout: Find out which pins make cold hard cash. Data sent to Pinterest includes complete product data and total cart stats.
  • Page Views: We’ll make sure every page that someone visits is tracked.
  • Search Queries: Keep track of searches. We’ll also send the exact search text to Pinterest for your audience-building pleasure.

Retarget Pinterest visitors who are so close to buying but don’t quite make it.

Don’t limit yourself to targeting keywords and topics. With Pinoculars, you can:

  • Promote pins to customers who Add to Cart but don’t Checkout.
  • Target all visitors who searched for a certain keyword.
  • Drive high value repeat sales by targeting customers who’ve spent a lot.

Wait. Doesn’t Shopify provide a Pinterest tag for buyable pins?

Shopify’s tracking is extremely limited. Shopify adds the tag and tracks your checkout conversions without any details… but that’s it! No product information, no cart values, no add to cart tracking and no search tracking.

You won’t be able to retarget customers or see exactly how much money your promoted pins bring in with just Shopify’s tag.

See it work for you now! Track 100% free for 7 days.