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AI Powered Product Recommendations

  • Acts like your online sales rep
  • One click set-up with a 14 day free trial
  • Chance to tweak the design of the product recommendations area
  • Real-time performance tracking

Product Recommendations on Web:

Now you have the chance to display related products and other recos on your product, cart, collection, index, search pages.

You may decide on the type of recommendation blocks and make them live on several pages of your store.

You may choose the type of logic to use on a recommendation block;

• Related products from like-minded shoppers

• Popular products

• Recently viewed products

• Discounted products

• New arrivals

• Frequently bought together products

• Cross-sell

• Upsell

• Product reminder

• Category reminder

Product Recommendations on Emails

With the Perzonalization app, you can now seamlessly deliver personalized recommendations on emails by integrating to your existing templates with a simple copy & paste. You may send emails via any provider.

Automated Emails

Cart Reminders: Is “abandoned shopping carts” your nightmare? The time has come for you to win back those customers! We automatically send cart reminder e-mails to your shoppers. These e-mails do not only include the product left in the cart but also display personalized related products for you to display other product options.

Product/Collection Reminders: Some of your visitors browse through product pages – never adding any items on their carts. We help you win those customers! We automatically send a product reminder e-mail including the viewed products along with personalized related products.

Inactive Reminders: When a user has been inactive, we send reminder e-mails along with product recommendations asking her/him to come back.

Our AI Powered Personalization Platform

Thanks to our AI powered technology that has personalized +3B pages, we are able to capture and analyze your visitor’s clickstream behaviour i.e. the products viewed/bought, categories, collections, sizes, colours, materials.

We not only analyse behaviours around products but also the visitor’s individual preferences and similar users’ preferences.

• We track and micro-segment your visitors in real time.

• We show each visitor the right set of recommended products, at the right moment.

• We offer a consistent experience across web, emails and mobile.

• We match visitors with similar tastes to display recommendations


After the free trial period of 14 days, our monthly plans start from as little as $2.99 with no upfront costs. See our pricing page for more details.


We’ll also be happy to respond to your questions during our business hours which are Monday – Friday : 9am – 7pm (GMT+3)

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