What is Personizely?

Personizely is a Conversion Marketing Toolkit which helps you convert more visitors with beautiful email popups and boost sales with cross sell, upsell and sales motivation bars.

Why Personizely?

  • Using our drag and drop builder you can make eye-catching popups. Use one of our multipurpose templates to get started and adjust them to your store in seconds.
  • You can personalize your store according to the visitor’s source or historical activity, which creates a feeling of individual approach. Using placeholders you can even use their name to greet them if they’ve made any previous orders.
  • Our platform consolidates a large set of functionality like email popups, exit intent, countdown timer bar, product upsell, cross sell, related products, free shipping bar, sales motivator bar, and website personalization in one place, so you don’t need to overpay for multiple tools.
  • Our targeting allows you to segment your visitors very specifically which can drastically improve your conversion rates.
  • All popups are responsive and look good on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Conversion analytics show you how much every widget or campaign helped you earn, which gives you a good understanding of your ROI.

What can you do with Personizely?

  1. Exit Intent Popup – Stop losing customers! Grab the attention of your visitors with a message or special offer right before they intend to leave your store.
  2. Email Popup – Capture emails and start to grow your email list and use it to create a long-term relationship with your potential customers.
  3. Related Products – Boost sales in your store by suggesting related items on product or cart page. Recommended products are the best way to increase the average order value.
  4. Sales Countdown Timer – Push your visitors towards a purchase by creating a sense of urgency with countdown timers.
  5. Product Upsell Popup – persuade customers to purchase a more expensive, premium, or upgraded version of the product they’re buying with one click upsell.
  6. Cross Sell – Boost sales in your store by suggesting related, complementary or bundled products to buyers.
  7. Sales Motivator Bar – Show how much more a visitor has to spend to get free shipping or a gift.
  8. Embedded Widgets – Embed your widgets directly in your store’s markup. Include products, countdown timers, forms, call to actions, product videos and all available elements directly in your pages.
  9. Website Personalization – Personalize visitor’s experience. Treat every visitor individually, showing relevant content based on order history, location, and other filters.

Other Capabilities

Advanced Targeting – Target visitors based on activity history, source, geolocation, device, shopping history.

Automatic coupon applying – Apply the coupons without a need to paste.

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