Sounds great, how do I begin?

  1. Install the app from the Get button.
  2. Log in / Create your MoonMail account
  3. Choose a list you’d like to keep in sync.

Connecting Shopify & MoonMail account brings you a host of superpowers:

  1. Keep your email marketing streamlined automatically through Shopify.
  2. Recover abandoned checkouts in a beautiful and easy way (we have the best drag and drop editor!)
  3. Create signup forms with a signle click.
  4. Automate promotions, campaings with the simplest email marketing tool, ever!
  5. See everything – we record all campaign details and our AI analyzes them for you.
  6. Forget the tech part and focus on what really matters, your business.

How does the connection work?

Magic! Just kidding. During the checkout process, Shopify asks your customers if they’re interested in receiving marketing information from your store. When a customer completes an order and agrees, MoonMail for Shopify will automatically subscribe them to your MoonMail list.

MoonMail for Shopify will also relay e-commerce data to your MoonMail account, allowing you to create awesome email marketing campaigns based on your customers’ purchasing behavior. Win them over with your special offers and promotions or send them product recommendations that you know they will love.

How far can I automate it?

Pretty much all the way. MoonMail’s powerful marketing automation tools, now available for all free accounts, make it easy to reach your customers quickly and deliver the right message at the right time. When you connect your Shopify store, you can use one of our preset workflows to automatically send beautiful abandoned cart messages (or other drip campaigns) encouraging shoppers to complete their purchase, follow up with your customers that visited your site with retargeting emails, re-engage inactive customers with incentives and relevant product recommendations, or reach out to customers after they buy an item from your store.

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