Sell anywhere. Get all your data in one place.

The All-In-One Dashboard app helps you to get deep insights into your business performance. Track the most important KPIs such as revenue, orders, customer structure, best-selling products, and many more – all in one smart dashboard.

What will you get?

Do you know which customers make up the most of your revenue? Whether you deliver fast enough? Do you strengthen your customer service according to your “rush hours” and “rush days”? Do your customers come back to shop repeatedly in your store? And if not, what can you do to increase your efficiency and build a stronger clientele base? That’s exactly what you get with the All-In-One Dashboard!

Why choose the All-In-One Dashboard?

All-In-One Dashboard offers more integrations than any other eCommerce analytics platform in the world. Sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media, and Email are all compiled in one user-friendly dashboard.

No need to have an IT specialist to make it work. All dashboards are predesigned and ready to work immediately.

Install the app and get access to:

  • FREE mobile app for iOS & Android
  • All your data sources in one place
  • Predictive forecasting of sales and trends
  • Real-time Google analytics

How does it work?

Simply sign up and connect your store to the app. If there are any other sources you utilize for your business, connect them as well and All-In-One Dashboard will automatically upload your statistics and display them in the dashboards.