mmuze – your direct connection to your online shoppers

With shoppers, there’s nothing like the human touch – a salesperson to guide them to discover the best-suited products for them. And this is what’s missing from the online shopping experience that no store has yet been able to solve. Messaging has become the preferred method of communication for mobile consumers. With mmuze, use the messaging sales channel to constantly offer the right products to interested customers at the right time.

• mmuze chatbot is a powerful virtual personal shopping assistant that works on Facebook Messenger.
• mmuze chatbot is a guide, a smart, virtual salesperson providing that personal touch, based on Social Intelligence.
• mmuze chatbot is a savvy stylist that knows the latest trends and your catalog inside out, engaging customers and increasing conversion by showing them items that match their preferences to a T.
• mmuze provides stellar 24/7 service so your store is always working for you.

mmuze chatbot provides:

1) Deep Knowledge of your Catalog and Fashion Vertical

2) Understanding of the different features of your products and their popularity worldwide

3) Tracking of Customers’ Ever Changing Product Lingo

4) Matching products from your catalog to your customer’s request

5) Detecting the need for a human assistant with Seamless Handover

6) White label so you can brand it like your store

Installation & Support:
Easy Installation and Setup. Once installed, anyone can chat with your store and get responses from your new personal shopping assistant chatbot. Just click “Get Started” on Facebook Messenger and start chatting.

Full support, mmuze team is here to assist you in any way. Results are Just a Click Away!

We currently support Fashion only
Beauty support – coming soon
Supported Language: English

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