ID Discount is a trusted brand name in identity verification. Over 40% of your applicants won’t need to manually re-verify, due to being previously verified with another IDD Partner.

First-time customers follow a simple process which often results in positive verification in under 30 seconds.


  1. Create a new page on your website.
  2. Paste provided HTML.
  3. Link to your new page from your header or footer.

Note: Advanced installation options exist, but requires an HTML developer to integrate.

How does verification work?

Customers verify their affiliation via ID Discount’s authoritative data sources and full-time verification staff. The process typically happens in under 30 seconds. After verification, your customer receives a unique, single-use discount code to your store.

We have 4x separate verification processes, depending on which discount(s) you want to offer.

  • Military Verification:
  • First Responder Verification:
  • Student Verification:
  • Teacher Verification:


ID Discount works on a tiered system. Typically, 1 verification = 1 order. We’ll notify you if your usage surpasses your tier’s allowance.

How do I know ID Discount is reliable?

ID Discount provides verification services to businesses ranging from low-volume startups to Fortune 500 corporations running thousands of verifications per month. Over the years, IDD has processed millions of verified shoppers and helped businesses realize the awesome power of making your customer feel genuinely appreciated.