1. Synch Customer Data With Mautic, Email, Name & more

  2. Synch Abandoned Cart Customers for Separate Follow Ups

  3. Segment Customers Based on Collection They Purchased From or are Interested in.

What is Mautic Hooks App

Mautic Hooks is providing full integration of your shopify store with Mautic. Push all customer data to your Mautic instance in just few clicks. Synch customer details like Name, email address, name of the collection customer made purchase from & more.

List of Benefits

  1. Separate way to store abandoned cart customers, so you can send out follow up emails for cart recovery.

  2. When you install this app for first time, all your customer data including abandoned carts are synched with Mautic.

  3. This app can be used with both open source and paid version of Mautic.

  4. You have below advantages if You chose to use open source version.

Why Use This App For Your Email Marketing

Reduce your Email Marketing Cost with MauticHooks App.
With this setup you can use services like amazon ses which cost around 10 cents to send 1000 emails, so it costs you only 10 dollars to send 100,000 emails. Try comparing that with any other service out there.

No Extra Cost to Store Your Contacts.
Yes you read it right, stop paying for autoresponders or email marketing tools that charge you based on number of contacts you have. You can store as many contacts as you want and there is no extra cost. Mautic is an open source email marketing tool which is free for all.

Say No To Branding Fee.
Many autoresponders out there charge you fee to do custom branding, guess what here you have no such cost. Its open source and its yours, brand it the way you like.

Please Watch Demo Video To See App in Action

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