Advance Segmentation Of Your Customers

Create unlimited Mailchimp segments of customers based on order value, locations, coupons they use, color or sizes they previously brought, product they bought, payment gatways they used or time of their purchase.

Retain Customer On Autopilot helps you automate your customer retention by creating specialized offers and identifying customer you most likely to lose.

Analyze Your Revenue Sources:

True strategies of communications come when you have a clear understanding of your revenue pipelines.

  • Understand the top demographic bringing revenue
  • How discount value influence your sale
  • How much customers love to spend on per checkout
  • How much each coupon code bring revenue
  • Which color or sizes are the most popular one

Discover Your Most Loyal Customers:

You earn true loyalty when you take care of your most valuable customers, you can easily identify your top 10 or 100 customers by month, year or lifetime to reward them with personalized gifts, exclusive coupons or early access to products even before the public launch.

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