Lucky Spin Wheel is the modernize App for lead generation and to grow sales by Interactive user experience. Spinning the wheel will give your business next level height with user interaction and user satisfaction. One single price wheel with multiple functionality, lucky spin is the only Interactive exit intent pop up that you will need on shopify.

Lucky Spin Wheel uses a process of engaging users with a unique and customizable popup that allows the visitor to spin a wheel for a prize.

But the beneficiary thing for the owner is Customization. They are completely responsible for customizing their own wheel as per their wish.

They have all controls for

  1. Managing the speed
  2. Delay in time of cookie to enable replay
  3. Allotment of coupons and discount offers
  4. Authority to offer winning and losing

Why Lucky Spin Wheel Only

As Customer satisfaction is the ladder to reach good market position, Lucky spin is the best step for that ladder. Customer always wants to be into your lucky customer list to get more and more discount offers. With this lucky spin app they will definitely become your frequent user.


Compatible with any device, so, will provide similar look and feel on laptop, desktop, mobile phone and any platform.


Lucky Spin Wheel allows you to customize color, text, coupons, segment, background as per your requirements.

Unlimited segments

It allows you to create any number of segments.

Responsive Exit Intent Trigger

By monitoring user’s movement(scrolling), Lucky Spin Wheel triggers the POP window when the user wants to leave the site. This helps to enhance customer interaction and to keep them live.

Responsive Time On Site Trigger

When the user spends too much time on your site, lucky spin triggers this pop up. Best way to convince the customer to pull the trigger on purchasing after they are already engaged with your product.

Responsive TAB Trigger

This is preffered to kept on the top of other triggers. This will romp and move around to convince the visitor to click on the tab trigger. This will romp until clicked on, where the interactive spinner wheel will pop up and can be played.

URL Filtering

Best security option that restricts the visibility of web page from the user who directly try to access of pages from page URLs.

Automated Integration with your any mail server

This will automatically capture your emails and will help you send back the newsletters to your X number of customers. And will also take care whether customer is making an efficient use of their discount offers or not.

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