Turn store visitors into loyal customers with our Loyalty Points Manager.

Launch loyalty and referral program for your store easily!

It’s an easy to use but still extremely powerful way to grow your customers’ loyalty and skyrocket repeat orders. Reward your customers with loyalty points, motivate them to buy more and refer new customers.

Why customers choose our apps

✔️ Easy setup: no coding skills needed

✔️ Easy to use: fully configurable in less than 20 minutes

✔️ Highly customizable: Customize appearance and functionality

✔️ Compatible with any theme: if the Loyalty Program app doesn’t work with your theme, our tech support will integrate the app to your Shopify store for free

✔️ 24/7 fast live chat support. We are the only developer who provides 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of 42 sec.

✔️ 100% mobile friendly app

Why should I use Loyalty Points Manager to grow my Shopify business?

It’s well known that repeat customers are more likely to buy than first-time visitors. Additionally, they tend to spend several times more per transaction than new buyers! Reward customers and watch them spend more at your business.

Main features of the Loyalty Points Manager:

✔️ Incentivize purchasing behavior, rewarding customers for their loyalty with points that can be used as virtual currency to pay for an order either in full or in part.

Actions that can be rewarded:

  • Store purchases
  • Referring others to your store
  • Creating a store account
  • Interacting with your brand on social media
  • Regular customers’ visits

✔️ Choose reward conditions

Decide which actions should be rewarded, and how

✔️ Select products to use in loyalty program

Decide which products participate in loyalty program or choose all

✔️ Set loyalty points expiration date

Create urgency by setting loyalty points expiration date

✔️ Set point value

Points are worth money, and you determine their value

✔️ Show customers their awarded points

Let your customers see how many points they earned within store’s badge or top bar

✔️ Integrate in store’s shopping cart and checkout page

Decide where points redemption field will be shown

✔️ Customize rewards window look

✔️ Customize rewards top bar and badge look

✔️ Customize email templates

Grow faster, grow better with Loyalty Program Manager!

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