Overwhelmed by big data? Say hello to a better way.

The Littledata app automatically fixes Shopify store tracking in Google Analytics. Our smart technology improves your data collection and automates reporting, so you can focus on the little data that makes the biggest difference – to traffic, conversions and revenue.

Why Littledata?

Shopify is an awesome ecommerce platform, but its native reporting has some serious issues – and Google Analytics can be complicated to set up correctly. After years in the field as consultants, we built Littledata to automate the complicated parts of ecommerce analytics.

Accurate data for reliable tracking

  • Streamlined and automatic – works for any store with a Google Analytics account
  • Core features like our Audit tool let you automatically fix your Google Analytics setup for accurate tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce support for details such as Click Through Rate and Add-to-Cart Rate for individual products, plus any desired details such as vouchers/discount codes or product categories
  • Seamless integration with other Shopify apps, including ReCharge for subscription analytics, Refersion for affiliate marketing, and CartHook for one-page checkout and upsells

Shopify Flow connector

  • The only Shopify Flow connector for Google Analytics, including customer events and order events

Ecommerce analytics for a competitive advantage

  • Get a complete picture of your online business by connecting marketing channels with customer revenue and product performance
  • Monitor key metrics such as First Click, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Average Order Value, Revenue per Customer – all automatically filtered and explained to help you focus on actionable insights
  • Ecommerce Benchmarks to see how your site compares locally and globally, including stats on revenue, conversions, bounce rates and site performance
  • Improve marketing ROI with accurate campaign tagging and Facebook Ads cost import

Intelligent insights for higher revenue

  • Enterprise-level analytics at a fraction of the cost for medium- and large-sized stores (and smaller shops on the growth path!)
  • Smart reporting that scales with your business, including a personalised dashboard and automated report packs
  • Activate the ‘Shopify report pack’ to see when are users most likely to buy, conversion rate by marketing channel, and more
  • Sell to your ideal customers with Buyer Personas automatically generated from your marketing channel data (Paid Search, Organic Search, Email, Referral and Social)
  • Missions for optimisation launch directly in the app; follow step-by-step instructions to improve sales and conversions

Questions? We’re always here to help, and enterprise plans include a dedicated account manager.