Linkcious Related Products for Blogs 

This app helps you easily configure your Linkcious Related Products to use on other WordPress / Tumblr / Drupal sites.

Using this will improve your shop’s SEO as you will get related links from other sites to your shop.

Powerful Recommendation Engine

Uses Linkcious’s recommendations engine to show your products on your blogs or other sites

Uses Artificial Intelligence

We will show related products base on the context of your page. Every page shows different products, your products recommends themselves.

A/B Testing

Every product recommended undergoes a rigorous A/B testing process. Only the most relevant products are shown.

Manual Selection

Manually overwrite our product selections with your own choices easily.

Compatible with Google DFP

If you are using Google DFP, use this rather than normal Banner ads to increase conversions.

Social Buttons

Options to add Facebook, Tweet, Pinterest, Google Buttons.

Works On All Sites

It does not matter if your blog is running WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogspot or others. Everything just works.

Beautiful Customisation

Layout selection, colors, themes, borders etc…

Improves SEO

Incoming and outgoing links are important parts of SEO. This app helps you create inbound and outbound product URLs that are related to the context of your page automatically. Related and relevant links are very important for SEO and also for your users to find information.

White Hat Link Building

The links selected from your shop are always high quality and relevant to the content of your site. The AI ensure that the links chosen are always relevant to your visitors. If we run out of relevant links to show, non relevant links will be marked with a non-follow tag.

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