— Last update: Nov 2018

What’s new:

Plug and play integration with LoyaltyLion.

What is LimeSpot

LimeSpot is an eCommerce Conversion AI that helps online stores increase their revenue by delivering a unique Upsell, Cross-sell & personalized experience across different channels.

Why LimeSpot

  1. Rated #1 Product Recommendation App with 1100+ Five-Star reviews.
  2. One App covering Personalization for both sales and marketing channels:
    • Website Personalization (Personalizer App )
    • Marketing Emails Personalization (Approach App)
    • Analytics and reports
  3. 100% risk-free pricing structure aimed at helping your shop grow and succeed.
  4. Free, until we drive 5 times your monthly subscription fee

Personalizer in Numbers

  1. Increase revenue: by 28% on average
  2. Increase Order Size: by 5.5% on average
  3. LimeSpot Conversion vs Standard Conversions: 300% on average

LimeSpot AI is making $27MM per month in average for our Shopify store owners.

Main Features:

  1. Multiple Layouts: Carousel or Grid Layouts
  2. Multiple Recommendation Boxes on every page
  3. Product Recommendation Pages linked in Main Menu (Unique to LimeSpot)
  4. Upsell and Cross-sell tools on Cart page
  5. A/B test Tool
  6. Real-time Analytics
    • LimeSpot Driven Revenue vs. Total Revenue
    • LimeSpot View to Purchase CTR vs. Standard CTR
    • LimeSpot Driven Revenue vs. Total revenue per Visitor
    • LimeSpot Product View per Visitor
    • LimeSpot Driven average Order Size
    • Step by step Product view to Purchase CRTs
  7. Built-in Appearance (CSS) Customization
    • 100% responsive on tablets and smartphones
    • Fully integrated with ShopPad Fablet Mobile App and Storefront
    • Customized for Shopify major themes including Out of the Sandbox
  8. Multiple Websites coverage (Unique to LimeSpot).

If you have more than one website, you can now publish all of your Intelligent Recommendations from your store to your other websites:

  • Intelligent Recommendation on your external sites
  • Seamless integration with your web-store and inventory
  • Recommended based on shoppers behavior


Our adaptive pricing is based on your Shopify Plan and the Additional Revenue that Personalizer drives for you:

  • Start for free and enjoy a 15 Day Free Trial
  • FREE if we drive less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee.


  1. Our Popular and Trending Products Recommendation Boxes rely on real behavioral data from your store. It may take up to a week for LimeSpot to learn from behavior on your store and display products that are genuinely popular.
  2. All Recommendation Boxes work on mobile devices and ShopPad’s Fablet Mobile Storefront and Fablet Mobile App

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