Why do you need Leads On Whatsapp?

Ever wondered why most website visitors do not convert to customers?

Wish you could speak to them directly and understand their concern or could convince them to convert a lead into a Customer?

What if you could do this right through Whatsapp?

This is what this app exactly does. With this app you would get leads from website directly on your Whatsapp. You could chat with the leads on the go and drastically increase conversions.

With our new Android App you can even initiate a Conversation with your Abandoned Carts!

How It Works

  • Once you install the app, fill in your Whatsapp number, text for Whatsapp Button and the default message used to initiate chat with you.
  • Your visitors would now see this button on your store.
  • As soon as they click on it, it would open their Whatsapp app and they can start a conversation with you.

Get More Leads

The trick is to entice user to click on the button and start a conversation. So button titles like “Check for Discount”, “Surprise Discount” and “Want to Bargain?” etc. would draw more leads.
For Customer Support Call to Action like “Whatsapp Chat”, “Ask A Question”, “Chat With Us” works great.

Increase Conversion

Since you are directly communicating with your lead, it’s easier to understand their pain point and reason why the lead would not convert into a customer. By addressing the particular issue you could convert more leads and also understand reasons for those leads that do not convert.

Build Customer Base

You can build your customer base on Whatsapp as you have all the leads on your chat with their contact details and the product there were interested in buying.

Provide Awesome Customer Support

Unlike web based customer support you can talk to users even when they leave your website after initiating a conversation. Whatsapp is installed in more app than Facebook Messenger and customer feel safe reaching out for Customer Support on Whatsapp as they don’t have to expose their Social Profile.

App Support

We would be happy to help you with customizing placement of the button based on your theme. We guarantee a turn around time of 12 hours for all support requests.

** New Feature – Abandoned Cart Sync **

Using our Android app now you can Sync your Store Abandoned Carts with your mobile and start sending predefined messages to customers with single click through Whatsapp, SMS, Email and Call!

Install Leads On Whatsapp to get your Access Code for Our Abandoned Cart Sync Android App.

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