First off, what is Affiliate and Influencer marketing?

In short, Merchants (you) can offer an opportunity for affiliate marketers and influencers to promote your products in return for a commission of the referred sales they generate. We like to call these people your “Boosters”.

Whether you’re looking to recruit social media influencers, publishers, bloggers, or even your existing customers, affiliate marketing offers a huge opportunity for Merchants to quickly expand their reach to new audiences.

With a performance-based commission structure, this referral marketing strategy is one of the most cost-effective acquisition channels.

So, why Kickbooster?

Kickbooster helps merchants run and manage their affiliate, referral and influencer programs all in one integrated platform.

Our platform allows you to focus on building relationships with brand ambassadors, while we take care of the tracking, validating, reporting and commission management.

Save time

Kickbooster helps you avoid the headache of managing your influencers and affiliates through spreadsheets and documents. Our tool provides you with an automated referral tracking and commission management solution.


Kickbooster provides you and your influencers with a transparent, easy-to-manage tracking system and dashboard that can put you both at ease, allowing you time to focus on the relationship rather than the logistics.

Tap into an existing network

Add your referral program to our affiliate Marketplace, promoting it to our network of thousands publishers, bloggers, and professional affiliate marketers at no extra cost.

Turn your customers into boosters

Automatically invite your customers to participate in your referral program after making their purchase using Kickbooster’s Post-Purchase Pop-Up.

Offer various rewards

You may consider offering different rewards to motivate different types of affiliates. Kickbooster allows you to run multiple programs, letting you invite affiliates to the appropriate offer.

Allow a referral review period

Kickbooster allows you to set a review period before commissions can be generated for each sale. Throughout the review period, Kickbooster checks for refunded or cancelled sales to ensure commission is only generated on successfully-paid referrals.

Easy design

Easily design the look and feel of your Booster signup page to match your branding by choosing one of our beautiful themes to fit your needs.

Automated tracking

Kickbooster automatically creates your Booster links upon registration to your program. Our platform tracks clicks, sales, refunds and cancellations, ensuring you are only paying commissions on successful referrals.

Live chat

Talk to a real person in real-time using our live chat, which is also available to help support your Boosters

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