Go explosively viral with sweepstake giveaways

Instant Giveaway is a tool for you to create contests, which offer an award for your customers to compete to win.

Get people to share your service INTENTIONALLY…

In the contest, participants will be asked to take actions to promote your service among their communities, from which they earn credits that boost their rating in the contest.

…With your own appealing award

The more credits a participant earns, the higher they rank in the contest. Participants with the highest rating will become the award winner(s) in the contest.

The award can be money, free subscription or whatever you can think about, as long as it is appealing enough to attract more entries for the contest.

A cost-effective way to promote your brand

While delivering the equivalent result, the money you spend for the contest award is one-time and can no way exceed the cost for paid advertising.

“Sharing costs nothing, while the award is something you don’t want to miss”

Imagine having the opportunity to get a one-year premium subscription to a costly service, or getting your luxury dream products only by sharing it to your friend?

With a decent award, the spreading of your contest can be explosive.

Only with a great award idea, you are all set.

All you need is compelling content and an appealing award, then Instant Giveaway gets everything done automatically. Your contest can be ready in a few seconds.