Shoppable Instagram Feed with the product tagging – Trusted by 2000+ Sellers

  1. Create Beautiful Galleries on the store using an Instagram gallery App.
  2. Tag Product easily on images of Instagram Gallery to Increase Sales
  3. Instagram Lookbook – Custom Multiple Image and Video Gallery

Most Important Features of Instagram Feed App Include:

Instagram Home Page Feed:

Setup the Instagram Feed on your homepage. It will fetch all your Instagram images based on #tag and show on your Shopify Store.

Product Tagging for Instagram Shop:

With Instagram Feed tag Multiple Products on an image and redirect users to the product page.
Also, you can upload Custom Photos in Gallery and Tag them to Products.

Instagram Image Gallery:

Create Multiple Custom Galleries on Store and manage it through Instagram or Manually.

Look Book by Instagram:

Upload Your Lookbook Easily and Engage more visitors on the store.

YouTube / Vimeo Video Gallery by Instagram:

Create YouTube or Vimeo Video Galleries Easily and Add Thumb of Video Separately on your store.

Multiple Feeds from Instagram:

Create Multiple Instagram Feeds based on #tags of photos.

Mobile Responsive with Instagram:

Full Responsive and work perfectly on all Mobile and Ipad Devices

Galleries Styles Available for Instagram Images:

  1. Instagram feed Home Page Slider.
  2. Instagram Gallery on any Page.
  3. Custom image gallery without Instagram.
  4. YouTube or Vimeo Video Gallery.
  5. Customize and create multiple Galleries easily

Create your Gallery and simply tag your product on the gallery by Instagram.

Note: It will not post products on the Instagram account.


1) Connect your Instagram account to fetch images on your Shopify Store.
2) Create your Instagram gallery using your Instagram content and #tag.
3) Get images from Instagram and easily tag products.
4) Embed the gallery on your pages.


Encourage your customers to use your brand hashtag and post photos on their Instagram account. Use #hashtags to find these photos inside the app. You can show those photos on your Shoppable Instagram Gallery. This increases the engagement and interest of customers on your site.

Easy Integrations Of Your Instagram Pictures

Instagram is one of the greatest tools if you want to increase your customer engagement phenomenally on Instagram.

For Expert Free Setup of Instagram Feed – Contact Our Support.

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