InfinityVid lets you create video ads by tapping into product inventories to create marketing video ads automatically.

The World’s First Psychic Influencer

The World’s First Psychic Influencer – he’s here to recommend the perfect gift for you. Only one problem, he’s just not that good at seeing into the future. In each video, he guesses outlandish products he thinks you could use, when instead it’s a product that’s a far better and realistic choice.

This fun and playful creative video allows Shopify store owners to easily create catchy and compelling content to advertise their products within – and all created automatically. It’s an easy way to get product visibility and brand awareness into Facebook video ads.

Challenges InfinityVid Solves For

  • It’s costly to create video content for your Shopify store
  • Creating videos for every product is very time consuming and expensive
  • It’s difficult to update offers and messaging within videos
  • Assigning ads to each product in a Shopify store is very difficult to manage

Once you install the app, you are prompted to select products and input and edit the product information for each ad. Information for each product is pulled in automatically from your store in order to generated ads. Store owners can choose to edit the name, price, call to action or end frame message, store logo, and the product image.

Once the video is generated, you can publish directly to your Facebook Ad Manager account, or download the videos for use elsewhere.