Connect Shopify and Dinero

IEX connects Shopify and Dinero, sending orders, products (optional) and customers automatically from Shopify to your Dinero accounting system. That means no more manual typing and typos, giving you the time to grow your business and reducing money spent on accounting.


  • Automatically transfer orders to Dinero as invoices
  • Real time data transfer of orders, products (optional) and customers
  • Easy set up in the IEX dashboard
  • Step by step guide
  • Support with a smile

Real time data transfer

The app makes it easy for you to keep track of your revenue in real time – orders and products (optional) are sent straight from your Shopify to your Dinero accounting system. Customers are created along with the order in Dinero.

Dashboard gives you control

The user friendly IEX dashboard gives you full control of the app. With just a few clicks you can decide which order states to transfer from your shop to Dinero. Along with fully automatic bookkeeping.

Contact and support

Do not hesitate to contact IEX if you have further questions.
We are always happy to help.