Filter by collection ID to control the products included in your feed.


Our app allows you to generate a product feed to import product information into a Facebook Catalog. Catalogs can be used for marketing efforts like dynamic product ads, responding to product views, add to carts, and purchases.

Shopify’s Facebook pixel integration will allow for 3 key events: ViewContent, AddToCart, and Purchase. Each of these events will pass a product ID, which will be included in your product feed. This will allow you to respond to user events with dynamic product ads that include a product image, title, price, availability, and more.

Main Features

  • Ability to hide individual products from feed
  • Available mapping of 5 Facebook Custom Labels
  • Product image overrides for custom images in Facebook Catalog
  • Automatic Feed Updates
  • Multiple images for slideshow ads

Facebook Variables included in feed for each Shopify Variant

  • Brand: Brand of Product
  • ID: Variant ID
  • Availability: In Stock/Sold Out
  • Condition: Set to “new”
  • Price: Variant Price, unless “Compare At Price” is set and greater than “Price”
  • Sale Price: If Variant “Compare At Price” is greater than “Price”, set to “Price”
  • Link: URL of product/variant
  • Item Group ID: Product ID of variant
  • Product Type: Type of Product
  • MPN: Variant SKU
  • Title: Title of Product – Title of Variant (if variant)
  • Description: Product Content
  • Image Link: URL of product/variant image
  • Additional Image Link: 10 product images in addition to main variant image
  • Shipping Weight: Weight of Variant
  • Custom Labels 0-4: Custom Mapped

Available Mappings for Custom Labels 0-4 (full documentation available in app)

  • Product Handle: The URL friendly handle of the product
  • Product Tags: Product tags in Shopify admin
  • Variant Taxable: Is the product variant set to be taxable?
  • Variant Inventory Level: The amount of inventory left for product variant
  • Variant Requires Shipping: Is product variant set to require shipping?
  • Variant Weight In Grams: The product variant’s set weight in grams
  • Variant Weight in Set Unit: The product variant’s set weight in chosen unit of weight

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