OmniKick is the newest and a robust All-in-One customer engagement and conversion tool that automatically boosts your store’s sales. With OmniKick you will never need another customer engagement and conversion tool to make your store a success.

What will you get when signup?

You will meet a robust set of tools after signing up for OmniKick that rapidly grows your store sales and also engage your visitors and customer with your social media channels.

Drip Optin

Drip Optin funnel is a conversion and engagement funnel that uses pop-up, floating bar, inline, slider, etc. It works as a funnel that collects email address. Once obtained email you can navigate them to follow your business and share your content on social media.

Here how it works

Suppose Joanna is one of your store visitors.

When Joanna visits your store, a pop up will jump in asking for her email address and requesting her to ‘subscribe’ to get a special offer of 20% FLAT DISCOUNT.

On her second visit, she will be greeted by a slider saying,
“Hi Joanna, Welcome back! Why don’t you follow us on FaceBook to receive a 10% discount today?”

Joanna will be impressed that you remembered her name. Talk about a nice touch!

In a few weeks, you will send her an email to let her know about a particular promo as a part of your email automation strategy.

Let’s say Joanna clicks on the landing page to know more about the offer and suddenly notices a time-triggered pop-up saying,

“Hi Joanna, you are great! If you like our product, don’t forget to share on Facebook & enjoy a 5% discount today.”

Guess what, she will share and also tell her friends about your excellent product.

You can repeat these steps as many times as you want with a customized message.

You see how easy it is to engage your customers on all social media platforms. More Followers/Subscribers adds positive value to your sales.

What Can Drip Optin Do for Your Store?

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Increase Sales Conversion
  • Personalize to Build Trust
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Increase Social Followers
  • Make Exclusiveness a Core Marketing Strategy
  • Motivate Customers to Buy
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Increase Social Share & Social Traffic
  • Generate a Sense of Urgency to Boost Season Sales
  • Make the Most of Flash Sales to Increase Engagement
  • Offer a Discount Based on Cart Value for Increased AOV
  • Make the Most of PPC Campaigns for Increased ROAS

Start Using OmniKick for FREE today. Setup takes less than a coffee time. Cancel anytime if you don’t like.

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