Actionable Google Analytics for Ecommerce is a Shopify App which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking.

By using our App you save hours of time in implementing complex Google Analytics code and instead focus on generating Actionable insights from your data.

Benefits of App

  • Quick & Easy Installation from the App Interface
  • Access to 9 Reports of Enhanced Ecommerce (Except Checkout Behaviour Report)
  • Shopping Behaviour Report
  • Product Performance Report
  • Sales Performance Report
  • Product List Performance Report
  • Internal Promotion Report
  • Order Coupon Report
  • Product Coupon Report
  • Affiliate Code Report
  • Learn about how different devices are used by same user & how it drives purchase
  • Learn more about which products are refunded more often & take action for such products
  • Be in legal compliance by using I.P Anonymization which is important for EU countries
  • Learn more about which type of & what level of discounts generates conversion
  • Understand which payment methods are most widely used
  • You get the Quick Author support in 24 hours.

How our App is Different than Native Enhanced Ecommerce?

  • Actionable Google Analytics allows you to use new features of Universal Analytics like Enhanced Ecommerce, User ID Tracking, I.P Anonymization, Product Refund, Content Grouping & Internal Promotion.

Our App helps you create & track following custom dimensions/ metrics in your GA:

  • Stock Status: Learn whether the product is in stock or out of stock. Keeping track of out of stock products will prevent you from acquiring traffic on the out of stock product URLs.
  • Page Type: Identifies the type of the page. Example – Category Page, Product Page, etc. Helps you to compare the performance of different site sections.
  • Product Discount: Getting Discount data in GA can actually help you in strategizing the discounts by analyzing the impact it is causing on the product demand and other key metrics.
  • Payment Method: Get insights into which Payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc) is most popular for your store, which generates higher AOV and Transactions.
  • Shipping City & Billing city: Integrates the billing city & shipping city data directly into your GA. It helps you learn about product demand using insights on Shipping & billing cities.
  • Weekday: Learn whether a transaction was completed on weekday/ weekend. Helps you in comparing Weekday v/s Weekend Performance.
  • Local timeslot of the day: Learn the local time slot during which maximum transactions happen on your store. This can help you improve your marketing activities across different geo-locations.