Glasses Virtual Try On

Glazfit is developed for Eyeglasses Retailers

Glazfit adds the try-on feature on your website in the form of a Try On button. When a customer clicks on the Try On button, a window shows up allowing her to try virtual 2D eyeglasses by uploading her photo or taking photo directly using camera. This feature helps optical stores increase purchases by giving customers a means to be more confident to buy glasses online.

Our cutting edge algorithms automatically detect and fit the eyeglasses to customer’s face. The customers do not have to do anything.

Key benefits

  • Give your customers a means to try on eyeglasses when shopping them online.
  • Make your customers more confidence on purchasing your products.
  • Encourage your customers to buy your products with the Add to Cart button available on the try-on window.
  • Advertise efficiently your products over social networks (ultimately bring more customers to your store).
  • Identify trendy products thanks to statistics on user’s views and try-ons per product
  • Automate all steps in try on process with cutting edges technologies in image processing and face tracking.

Key features for shop owners

  • Automatically creating try-on frame from good view image.
  • Updating the try-on frame with your own standard frame.
  • Adapted plans for your shop. 5 try-on enabled glasses free.
  • Freely install and try. No charge is asked.
  • Listing your products in pages.
  • Searching your products by keywords in title, description, type, vendor and tags.
  • Enabling/disabling the Try On button on the storefront.
  • Previewing and editing the fitting of each product.
  • Selecting languages and themes.
  • Quick requesting support for each try on frame.

Key features for customers

  • Trying on eyeglasses with personal photo taken from camera of the customer’s device.
  • Trying on with photo uploaded or dragged directly to the canvas.
  • Trying on with tilt face.
  • Changing the photo effects for interests: black & white, blur, brightness, sepia and invert.
  • Sharing on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.
  • Saving the trying on photo to local storage.
  • Quickly adding to cart the selected eyeglasses.

Flexible customization and responsive:

  • By default, the Try On button is automatically injected next to Add to Cart button without any effort from the shop owner.
  • The shop owner can flexibly put the Try On button either in product pages or category pages or home page just by adding a one-line snippet to the right liquid file.
  • The Try On window is optimized and responsive for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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