Showcase your products in 3D with Geometry

Selling over the internet is tough – and many customers use pictures of products as an important step when making a purchase from your store. Now, with Geometry, you can show 3D models that customers can spin, zoom and really get a sense of the products you’re selling.

Not only can you use your own models and textures, but you can adjust lighting and camera settings to get every model looking just right – all from one app.

Take your store to the next level with Geometry.

Keep your customers interested in your store

Seeing a 3D model in place of a product image is a unique experience for your customers visiting your store – and by keeping them interested in your store, there’s a better chance you’ll be able to sell even more.

Simple setup and management

Once you’ve set up your first 3D model and assigned it to a product, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to use Geometry. We’ve included documentation if you need further help, and we’re only an email away if you need more support. We’re here to help you.


  • Add your models to anywhere in your store
  • Manage textures, lighting and camera settings all from one app
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Simple to integrate and use right from the start
  • Support and documentation is on-hand when you need it