The best marketing is authentic & classy. That’s what drives long term sales growth.

Gatsby is trusted by leading brands like Popchips, Caesar’s Palace,, Paul Frank, Navitas Organics, Grey Haze, The La Jolla Sports Club, and hundreds more. We are the first and only app today that captures the Instagram profiles and audience reach of your customers then kicks off marketing automation based on influence.

Brands cite 1,000% ROIs and talk about our consistently delightful customer service. We’re continuing to innovate as a first-mover, because it’s not about having a popup on your site, it’s about connecting with your customers. Lots of them.

How It Works

  1. Configure your Gatsby popup in seconds. It captures the email addresses and Instagram profiles of your site visitors.
  2. Set your email template and trigger.
  3. Sit back as Gatsby introduces you over email to your influential customers.

How Gatsby Drives The Immediate Sale

Brands typically see Gatsby influencing between 20% – 40% of their online sales. It’s our classier-style, coupled with our speedy & authentic messaging that all help to drive the immediate sale.

How Gatsby Drives Authentic Influencer Marketing

Rather than spend time and money sourcing people who are actively looking to sell their feed for money, Gatsby helps you engage with lots of your actual customers, encourage them to share their love for your brand, and drive their real friends back to your site.

How Gatsby Drives Long Term Customer Relationships

When was the last time a brand that you love sent you a direct email just saying hello, asking for feedback, and being actually present? Gatsby does that for you. It makes your customers feel special.

Top Features

  1. Place your Gatsby floating button anywhere you want on your site, literally
  2. Integrate with Mailchimp, Klaviyo etc.
  3. The automatic intros with your social customers are sent directly to your inbox
  4. Custom fonts, colors, text throughout
  5. Promo Code, Giveaway & Content-gate campaign types available


Our innovative approach has been featured in Hubspot, Beauty Independent, Adweek, Inc., and many others. Links to these publications are available on our website.


Please don’t hesitate to email us or use the chat widget in the app. Gatsby is made with love in California. Everyone on our team takes pride in building the best product and service to help you grow. Thanks for giving us a shot.

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