Smart Shipping Bar lets you quickly and effectively use shipping offers to increase conversions and maximize order values. Made by Pixel Union, Shopify’s #1 design team, it’s built to motivate your customers and perfectly match your Shopify theme.

Motivate customers, drive more sales

Do you offer free shipping or some other cart-based discount? Make sure customers know about it with a customizable promotion bar at the top or bottom of your store.

Increase average order value

Smart Shipping Bar helps maximize order values by incentivizing shoppers to add more items to their cart in order to reach your defined “cart goal” and receive free shipping.

Cart goal updates in real time

When you create a new bar, enter the amount customers need to spend in order to receive free or discounted shipping. As customers add value to their cart, the bar’s message updates in real time until they’ve reached the cart goal.

Beautifully designed & highly customizable

Smart Shipping Bar is made by the Shopify design experts at Pixel Union and includes an assortment of themes designed to complement your store.

Free & Premium plans available

Our Basic plan is 100% free and has helped thousands of Shopify merchants run better shipping offers. Choose from six beautiful free themes and publish one shipping bar at a time with no limit on impressions on our Basic plan.

Our Premium plan offers even more themes, including custom themes and styling options like fonts, colors, backgrounds, button styles, clock styles, and more.

Other Premium features include performance tracking, device targeting, country targeting, page targeting and excluding, and more.

World-class customer support by Pixel Union

Smart Shipping Bar is supported by Pixel Union, the biggest name in Shopify theme and app design. Our merchant success team is here to help you grow your business.

Instant installation—no code changes necessary

Smart Shipping Bar is easy to use and requires absolutely no code changes. In literally seconds you’ll be ready to motivate customers and maximize conversions.

No limit on impressions

We want you to use Smart Shipping Bar to rack up as many conversions and sales as possible. That’s why our Basic and Premium plans both offer unlimited impressions.

Advance scheduling & targeting (Premium feature)

Create shipping bars in advance and schedule them to be published when the time is right. Upgrade to Premium for our full targeting suite, including device targeting, location targeting, page targeting and excluding, and more.

Performance tracking (Premium feature)

See at a glance how many customers have viewed each bar, completed the goal, and checked out. Easily track the performance of your shipping and promotion bars over time.