Forma provides photorealistic and instant try-ons for your customers, directly on your site! For any item that you’ve enabled with Forma, your customers can see themselves in that item by providing just a single photo. Customers have come to expect fitting rooms for offline stores, and they’re starting to expect a similar experience in online stores as well!

Why Forma?

  1. Deeper connections: Once customers see themselves in your products, they will develop a much stronger relationship and trust with your brand.
  2. Increase engagement: Customers will spend much more time on your site, increasing chances of sales and improving your SEO. Merchants are seeing huge increases in session times with Forma!
  3. Increase sales: Improve conversions and time on site, and increase your visitors by making your marketing (ads, social media, or email) more compelling. Merchants have greatly increased their revenue and conversion rates with Forma!

Getting started is easy – less than 15min and no engineering needed!

  1. Upload product photos into your Forma Shopify app: Just one full-body, front-facing photo with few obstructions on the product itself (e.g. no hair, twisted body, crossed arms, etc.) per product
  2. Link each product photo with an item in your Shopify store
  3. Once Forma has processed your photos (up to 3 days), turn virtual try-ons on or off each product

How else can we use Forma to grow our business?

We’ve seen merchants get creative with Forma! Some have dedicated sections on their website for products that can be tried on, marketed the feature to their loyal customers via email, social media, and ads, and even create personalized lookbooks using Forma technology.

How much does Forma cost?

Forma is absolutely free for merchants! Forma has raised money from investors in order to develop relationships with merchants and improve our technology. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about quality though – in fact the most important thing for us is for merchants to grow their business with Forma!

Note: the Forma widget may block the checkout button on certain themes that employ slide-out carts.

Questions or ideas?

Contact us anytime!