Flow-Flow Social Stream App is a premium social media app to aggregate and publish social feeds in a beautiful responsive walls and galleries. Make any combinations of social feeds with Flow-Flow! For example, you can have Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed mixed in the same stream. There are 14 stream sources and 40+ feed types including hashtag, like feeds, regular posts and more! And not only yours but any public feed can be displayed on your Shopify website with no effort.

Flow-Flow Social Stream remains the best seller among the competing plugins for WordPress since 2016. More than 15,000 active installations with a five-star user rating. And we are happy to announce that Flow-Flow comes to Shopify!

Supported Social Feeds

  • Facebook: any public page with public posts, public albums (more to go).
  • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, search including hashtags, user lists, likes feed.
  • Instagram: public user media posts by username, hashtag, location. _4th April API changes are currently supported but this is subject to changes due to rapid changes on Instagram side_.
  • YouTube: user, channels, search, public playlist.
  • Google+: any public profile.
  • Pinterest: public user or board.
  • Vimeo: public videos of user, album, channel and like feed of user.
  • SoundCloud: public playlists.
  • LinkedIn: company updates and jobs (since recent API changes you must be admin of company page to stream it).
  • Foursquare: location tips, location photos.
  • Flickr: public user photos, photos by tag.
  • Dribbble: public posts of user, likes of user.
  • Tumblr: photo posts (will be more types in future).
  • RSS: any valid RSS feed. ATOM format is not supported.

Key Features

  • Seamless API connection — Connect Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare with one click! Other networks are incoming.
  • Automatic content filters — Excluding posts by word, by username, by URL. Clean your stream from trolls and spam!
  • Pre-moderation system — You can preview posts before publish. Protect your stream from unwanted content.
  • Social sharing buttons — Drive the interaction and user involvement!
  • All popular Social Networks — And their number is growing (based on popular requests).
  • Smart server caching — Streams are loaded almost instantly. No need to load data every time.
  • Cosy and powerful admin panel — Intuitive and clean interface with live preview.
  • Lightbox galleries — Fantastic look with attractive animations. Smart media preloading.
  • Highly customizable — Change colors, use pre-defined presets, build own single card design etc.
  • Smart resource loading — Script and styles are loaded only when stream is detected on page.
  • 100% Responsive — Adjusts to different container sizes. With swipes support for sliding on mobiles.

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